Thanks to Laura Read for this link to Pico Iyer’s Washington Post article The Writing Life: In which a writer living in Japan learns how to think in Japanese.
Here’s my favorite paragraph from it: “My sentences grew shorter and shorter, and more and more empty, till they looked a bit like that room where I’d slept in the temple. My pages became so quiet you had to lean in to hear them, and, as with any good Japanese, completely unstriking, and neutral on the surface. I grew less and less interested in explanations, because the mere moment seemed enough in itself; where I’d written 40 pages after my first two weeks here, and then 338 pages after a year, now I found I could barely write a postcard about Japan, if you’d asked me. Image had taken the place of idea”

Here are the Nieman Narrative Digest’s essays on craft and industry. I especially like Michael Pollan’s Natural Narratives.

Here’s a link to the Straight Talk on Money audio on decreasing your chances of geting bumped, and on your rights as a bumpee. “Despite what they want you to think, airlines don’t have you completely under their thumb! Get the straight scoop on your rights as an air passenger, including exactly when an airline does and doesn’t have to compensate you, the best way to almost guarantee you won’t get bumped from an overbooked flight, and more!”

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