Dear Travel Writing Friends,

This site lists editorial opportunities, calls for submissions, classes, travel-related websites, readings by travel writers, and news about local travel writers’ current projects. The feedback I’ve received is that it’s not only a useful calendar of upcoming events—it also helps people stay in touch and attend each others’ readings and classes, building our growing SF Bay Area community of travel writers and photographers.

Thanks to all of you for sending information; please keep it coming!LaurieMcAndishKing

Write Daily,

Laurie McAndish King
My travel writing is here: www.LaurieMcAndishKing.com


Thanks to these people, and many more, whose kind comments keep me going:

“You inspire me to continue writing in spite of my very busy schedule.”
— Lynn McClain

“Your site is great and so well organized. I love it. Thanks for doing such a great job for all of us.”
— Lone Morch Schneider

“Keep up this excellent posting. I love it!”
— Christopher Baker

“Thanks again for the helpful compendium of travel events that arrives regularly. It is very helpful for me individually and, of course, for what it does to create a community of writers in this area.”
— Jackie Collins

“I don’t know how you find time to both create your newsletter and write, but you’re building a wonderful community, and we all greatly appreciate it.”
— Gayle Keck

“…keep doing what you’re doing! The Bay Area has a large and wonderful travel writing community, and your calendar has become a very important part of that scene.”
— Lynn Ferrin
Freelance travel writer
Longtime editor-in-chief of VIA Magazine

“Laurie King, the author of the Travel Writer’s News, is doing a fantastic job of reporting about what’s on in the Bay Area travel writing scene. Even though it’s Bay Area focused, there are still plenty of market leads and websites for travel writers everywhere.”
— Jen Leo

Wow — this is just full of so much incredible and great information, Laurie! Thank you for doing this!
— Brad Newsham
Community Organizer

“Your Travel Writers News website is an inspiration to all of us: to participate in community, to get out there and do some of this great stuff, to jump on our writing, and to update our own websites!
You are a community treasure! Thanks for all you do.”
— Diane LeBow
President, Bay Area Travel Writers

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