Here’s a link to the Straight Talk on Money audio on decreasing your chances of geting bumped, and on your rights as a bumpee. “Despite what they want you to think, airlines don’t have you completely under their thumb! Get the straight scoop on your rights as an air passenger, including exactly when an airline does and doesn’t have to compensate you, the best way to almost guarantee you won’t get bumped from an overbooked flight, and more!”

Airplane ear pain?

December 11, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Anybody else suffer from “airplane ears”? I just discovered USA Today columnist David Grossman’s website, which includes an article on preventing ear pain on airplanes, as well as lots of other articles of interest to business travelers.

Flat Seats

October 10, 2006 | Comments Off on Flat Seats

Flat Seats is “the world’s information guide to airline ‘lie-flat’ seats,” and includes reviews, ranking, test results, photos, more.

There’s also a page suggesting relationships between six sleep positions and personality types, as well as the possible effect of various sleep positions on health (The “freefall position was good for digestion, while the starfish and soldier positions were more likely to lead to snoring and a bad night’s sleep.”)


October 10, 2006 | Comments Off on Skytrax

Skytrax is “the leading passenger guide to over 620 airlines and 645 airports — ranking, opinions, news … and more,” and includes reviews, forums, links to airline and airport sites.

Transportation Security Administration

October 4, 2006 | Comments Off on Transportation Security Administration

Having trouble keeping up with airline carry-on regulations? (Are they allowing us to carry on Jello and whipped cream this week? Is shoe screening mandatory?) Thanks to Diane LeBow for forwarding the link to the TSA‘s website, where the intracacies of permitted and prohibited items are revealed.

“Effective Tuesday, September 26, TSA Is Adjusting The Ban On Liquids, Aerosols And Gels.
1. Travelers may now carry through security checkpoints travel-size toiletries (3 ounces or less) that fit comfortably in ONE, QUART-SIZE, clear plastic, zip-top bag.
2. After clearing security, travelers can now bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board aircraft.”

SRO Seating

April 29, 2006 | Comments Off on SRO Seating

Thanks to April Orcutt for sending the link to an April 25, 2006, NYT article by Christopher Elliott. “The airlines have come up with a new answer to an old question: How many passengers can be squeezed into economy class? A lot more, it turns out, especially if an idea still in the early stage should catch on: standing-room-only “seats.” . . . With a typical configuration, the A380 will accommodate about 500 passengers. But with standing-room-only seats, the same plane could conceivably fit in 853 passengers.”

My favorite excerpts from the article:

Travel like a Billionaire

May 17, 2004 | Comments Off on Travel like a Billionaire

10 Ways to Travel like a Billionaire
By Christina Valhouli, Forbes
“Ever consider shipping clean clothes to your next destination? Here are some other tips to make business travel manageable without an entourage.” Most of these suggestions are well beyond my means, but pre-shipping luggage to avoid screening lines sounds like a great idea.

Practical Nomad

February 19, 2004 | Comments Off on Practical Nomad

Edward Hasbrouck’s Practical Nomad offers travel planning resources and advice, includes info about traveling in this time of war, airline bankruptcies.

Sky Magazine

January 21, 2004 | Comments Off on Sky Magazine

A listing from Writers Digest: Sky. 1301 Carolina St., Greensboro, NC 27401. Delta airline’s in-flight publication featuring and emphasizing travel, but also presenting contemporary lifestyle subjects. Terms: Pays $1/word and up. Note: Contact editorial department for complete guidelines.

US Airways Attache

January 18, 2004 | Comments Off on US Airways Attache

Thanks to Jeanne Brophy for sending this request for submissions from an inflight magazine: “Magazine seeks entertaining articles for travelers. Ongoing departments, some features. 350-2000 words. $1/word. Freelance 60%. Pays on acceptance. Contact: US Airways Attache, Pace Communications Inc, 1301 Carolina St, Greensboro NC 27401 OR 336-378-6065 OR OR” By the way, Jeanne recently traveled to Oaxaca for Day of the Dead. Some of her photographs are posted at click on Oaxaca.

Airline meals

December 30, 2003 | Comments Off on Airline meals

Jeanne B. also sent a link to the entertaining, the “world’s first website about nothing but airline food,” which is currently displaying photos of “2356 meals from 226 companies.”

Airplane seat positions

December 30, 2003 | Comments Off on Airplane seat positions

Check out for best airplane seat positions. You click on an airline (American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, or US Airways) and the type of aircraft you’re interested in, it shows a diagram of the aircraft with descriptions and ratings of the seats. You can find out where the bulkhead is, which seats don’t recline, etc. Very cool. Thanks to my dad for this info.

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