Erica Verrillo published this list of 21 Magazines that Pay for Travel Writing on the ART + marketing website. It includes short descriptions of the magazines with length of articles, typical payment rates, photo requirements, and links to editorial guidelines.

Here’s a link to the writers guidelines for They don’t pay a lot, but the guidelines are so thorough and detailed that reading them is like taking a mini-course in travel writing. You’re welcome!

Highway1Discovery Susan Hartzler of Mental Marketing invites you to visit the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route and share info about family reunions. Must have at least 50K UVPM. Here’s her open letter:

Are you interested in visiting the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route and getting paid? We are looking for one good blogger with at least 50k UVPM to visit this beautiful place and write about family reunions. Featuring 10 destinations along the breathtaking Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo County, the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route is an affordable place for multigenerational vacations or family reunions.

What do editors of Yahoo Travel, National Geographic Intelligent Traveler, and two airline magazines want to see in their inbox? And what annoys them to death? reports on Travel Writing 2.0 from the NATJA Conference in Puerto Vallarta this past spring. (The next NATJA conference will be in Oxnard, California April 4-7, 2016.)

Find out what these editors had to say:

  • Paula Froelich – Yahoo Travel Executive Editor
  • Leslie Trew Magraw – National Geographic Intelligent Travel Managing Editor
  • Jacquelyne Froeber – Celebrated Living Editor-in-Chief and American Way Executive Editor

ZoziWriters Guidelines are here.

Someone once said we’re in the “memory making business”—we like that. We’re not about “escapes” and “getaways.” We’re about inspiring our readers to embrace life—preferably in a giant bear hug. From Everest Base Camp adventures to local cooking classes to tips on how to put on a wetsuit without looking like an idiot, we help people get away from their computers and out exploring the world.

Here’s a blog post listing 10 publications for your travel writing; it includes contact and submission info, current as of early July, 2010.

The Spice Necklace cover imageHere’s a press release from Conran PR that’s an example of inspired marketing: an author and a resort have teamed up to offer a themed “package” experience in the Caribbean. I hope the promotion is a big success:

Create A “Foodoir”  Of Your Own at Cap Maison
“The Spice Necklace Experience” Package

Thanks to Lee Foster for explaining the economics of selling mobile applications compared with selling (traditional, paper) books in his article, Apps – the Future of Travel Journalism? Here’s an excerpt:

“Royalty rates for authors of apps are much higher than for authors of books, and for good reason. The deal is that I get 30% of the gross income from my $1.99 app sale, or 60 cents. I am told that this is roughly typical of the app world—30% each to the author, developer, and Apple store, with 10% going to admin. For my book, I have a 15% of net rate, which is good and possibly a little high. So, for selling two apps for $3.98, I get $1.19. For a sale of my $14.95 book, my royalty is 15% net, and the book will probably be discounted 55% to sell on Amazon or through a distributor. My royalty for that sale is $1.01.”

March 15, 2010

5-reasonsBootsnAll is looking for for travel writers. Apply by March 15:

We’re excited to launch the BootsnAll Travel Writer platform — a partnership with passionate travel writers to create expert-driven content on your favorite destinations and topics.

BootsnAll Travel Writer Current Opportunities:

* Destinations: Amsterdam, Australia, France, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ireland, Las Vegas, London, Mexico, South Africa, or you tell us!
* Themes: Adventure Travel, Business Travel, Round the World Travel, TEFL, Travel Gear or you tell us!

How It Works:

voluntarytravelerThe Voluntary Traveler “is a travel anthology penned by writers from all over the world. Focused on inspiring volunteer vacations and/or encouraging adventure-minded people to see volunteer work as a part of ones longer journey, the book will also include a volunteer guide section, listing charities needing volunteer assistance, plus organizations that coordinate service orientated travel.”

What a great idea! Join their Facebook page, buy the book, tell your friends.

ErinVHere’s a link to author Erin Van Rheenen’s article (follow the link for the entire article, posted October 27) with a tip on how to get paid to blog:

“AOL Travel is hiring Travel Bloggers in around 25 different cities and areas, including Las Vegas, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. You need to live in the destination you’ll be writing about, have writing experience and insider knowledge of your beat, and be able to churn out a few posts a day (150 – 300 words each). Pay starts at $15/post.”

June 13, 2009 | 2 Comments

Thanks to Arvis Northrup for telling me about, which uses “virtual teleportation” to place you “emotionally into specific moments and locales all over the planet.”

What I think is most interesting about Trazzler is that, as a travel writer, you can submit a short post to Trazzler that links to your longer articles elsewhere on the web, and thus drive traffic to your other articles. In fact, Trazzler encourages this: “You are always free to republish anything that you submit to Trazzler or to submit previously published (copyright-friendly) material that is edited to fit Trazzler’s style. Published Trazzler trips always come with a prominent credit/byline for the author, appear on a profile that you can customize, and look professional, so please feel free to use them to promote yourself and your writing.”

wai-naniTravel writer Linda Ballou offers beginning travel writers a free e-book called How to Make Travel Writing Work for You. Linda explains, “My report is written to those who are not going to try to make a living at travel writing, but just want to get around to places they couldn’t get to otherwise.”

Get the free report by providing your name and email address at Linda’s website, after which the PDF download will appear. And while you’re there, check out Linda’s book, Wai-nanai, High Chiefess of Hawai’i.

From Alison at V!VA Travel Guides:

“V!VA Travel Guides invites talented and enthusiastic writers to apply for its 2009 Travel Writing Boot Camps.

“The V!VA Boot Camp is a weeklong crash course in which students will gain valuable insight into the world of travel guidebook writing through instruction from seasoned professionals. Attendees will find out what editors want, learn how to work with multimedia outlets and improve writing skills through daily critiques. Students may also have the opportunity to stay “on assignment” in the host country after the course.

“Find out what you need to know to travel, get published and get paid!

Thanks to Camille Cusumano for forwarding this link to Brave New Travel’s list of more than 50 Travel Magazines that Want to Publish Your Writing. Links included.

Etihad Airways

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From a 10/20/08 press release:

“Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, is launching a new first and business class inflight magazine. Etihad Airways carries more than 6.5 million passengers annually.

“I am seeking articles and contacts for luxury travel, luxury goods and products, and relevant stories especially from the Middle East. Any other press releases, interviewees etc which are relevant to a high end lifestyle, business and travel magazine would be most welcome.

“This is intended to be an ongoing request and there is no deadline.”

Contact Mike MacEacheran, Editor, ITP Publishing
mike.maceacheran AT

Thanks to Gayle Keck for this: “Literary Traveler is seeking articles that capture the literary imagination. Is there an artist or writer that has inspired you? Have you taken a journey or pilgrimage that was inspired by a work of literature? We focus mainly on literary artists but we welcome articles about other artists: composers, painters, songwriters, story-tellers, etc.” Submission guidelines are here.

Thanks to Gail Flynn for passing along this information about a Yahoo! Group listing all kinds of writing contests.

Thanks to Gayle Keck for passing along this info from Duffie Books:

We are a new small publishing company that publishes e-books and pod books. We are looking for writers or authors who are women who have experience traveling on their own, and would like to write their experiences. Whether it be a guide, how to, do it yourself, personal story, travel journal etc.

Our focus is empowering women to feel safe, able and encouraged to travel on their own. We want to give them the information they need to be prepared and have fun along the way.

World Hum Links

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Congratulations to me! The Travel Writers News URL is included on World Hum’s links page, which lists links to Journals and Websites, General Travel Blogs, Destination Focused Travel Blogs, Magazine and Newspaper Travel Sections, Travel Communities, TV/Radio, Offbeat Sites, and Travel Writing Blogs/Resources/Communities.

Common Ties

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Thanks to April Orcutt for sending this info about a market for stories. (Not necessarily travel-related, but I love flash fiction, quickies, and short stories, so I’m passing this along. And the Quickies are so short you can surely find time to write one. Maybe it would be a good activity for those times you just need to write something—anything—to get the creative juices flowing. Or for when you’re procrastinating about writing what you should be writing. Yep; been there.)

Deadline: Open

Ann Pring is involved in starting a new literary and art journal in West Marin called the “West Marin Review.”  The plan is for the inaugural issue to be out in late Fall 2007.

For guidelines:
West Marin Review
PO Box 984
Pt. Reyes, CA, 94956


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“A creation of the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Program, Camas publishes essays, fiction and poetry by some of the West’s best emerging writers—recent Guggenheim winner Judy Blunt is a good example—alongside the likes of William Kittredge, Annick Smith, David James Ducan, Janisse Ray, and Wendell Berry.”

Terry Tempest Wiliams has called Camas “one of the mosty powerful and inspiring literary magazines in the West.”

The Rambler

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Thanks to Kathleen McClung for this link to The Rambler, a “unique magazine of personal writing and diverse voices that isn’t just another literary mag.” And congratulations to Kathleen on her personal memoir piece The Rambler will be publishing in an upcoming issue.

Mobile Advertising

September 5, 2007 | 3 Comments

September 12, 2007
6:00 pmto9:30 pm

The Web Guild of Silicon Valley is sponsoring a panel on mobile advertising on September 12. This should interest travel writers; I think mobile advertising will help drive the need for content in the very near future. Online registration for non-members is $30.

“Mobile advertising is a fast growing slice of the online marketing mix. It is expected to reach $10 Billion by 2010 according to the Mobile Marketing Association. Leading content providers, brand advertisers, and enablers are beginning to sell mobile specific campaigns. As traditional channels for advertising like TV, radio, and print are becoming less effective, marketers are seeking new mediums to reach and engage with consumers. Join this panel of industry experts to explore the opportunities and challenges of mobile advertising.

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