“ROAD & TRAVEL is a consumer magazine, an online resource specializing in automotive, travel, and personal safety topics. RT M targets upscale consumers, with a slant towards women, 29-59.Writers guidelines are here.

World Hum

August 29, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I hadn’t checked the submission guidelines for quite awhile, and notice that World Hum now pays for stories.

It took me a few minutes to find them online, so I thought I’d post the link for AARP’s writers’ guidelines.

Travel Quest

June 1, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Thanks to April Orcutt for telling us about Travel Quest, “Journeys for Inquisitive Minds,” a new quarterly on-line publication that’s looking for 500- to 600-word travel essays, photos, and travel tips. I didn’t see any information about payment rates on the site.

“For over a decade, TravelQuest International has been arranging specialized tours for a discerning clientele. Unlike tour companies offering mainstream tours, each of our tours is customized to focus on special aspects of the places we visit. All of our tours feature distinguished study-leaders who offer insight to the historical, anthropological and archeological highlights of the areas we visit.

96 Hours Hotel CoverageHere’s the protocol for getting stories assigned, filed, photographed and paid. At the end is a recap of the format for the actual story itself. To see what has already been covered, check archives on sfgate.com (search in 96 Hours page). Also, Jeanne is looking for the classic “weekend escapes” or “one-tank wonder” stories, which pay $350, if you have a story idea that’s more than lodging.

On March 7 the Wild Writing Women hosted an excellent salon at the Monticello Inn, with featured speaker Mark Trautwein, editor of KQED’s Perspectives. KQED has the largest audience of any public radio station, ever, and Perspectives aired 265 pieces by 150 authors last year. Half of those authors were new to Perspectives. Mark said it’s sometimes a challenge to find five top-notch pieces per week, and encouraged submissions — there’s some good news. Here’s what he’s looking for:

  • Personal essays, opinion pieces. A good idea, well expressed. (Humor.) Two minutes long (350 to 375 words).


May 10, 2007 | Leave a Comment

An open letter from Doug McConnell:


I’m happy to announce, after many months of building, testing and tweaking, that www.OpenRoad.TV, The Traveler’s Video Guide to the American West, is now live and ready for everyone to use. It grows out of my lifetime of traveling and living throughout the West, the rich library of video and other content my team and I have amassed over the past fourteen years of producing Bay Area Backroads, and our collective passion for this extraordinary region.

Thanks to April Orcutt for sending the link to Packed, a free magazine targeted to backpackers in Europe. The home page has a bunch of links to hostels, the magazine has a lot of ads, and the articles have plenty of attitude. The website says they’re looking for freelance travel writers and photographers, but doesn’t mention rates.


April 24, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Melissa Biggs Bradley, the founding editor of Town & Country Travel, left last summer to launch Indagare, “a Web site, newsletter and community where the world’s most sophisticated travelers can research trips and share their discoveries.” The teaser site is up now, and launch is scheduled for next month.

Thanks to Toni Weingarten for sending this link to the CSM’s writers guidelines, including information on the best opportunities for freelancers. Check out the section titled More on Essays:

“At the moment, we are looking for more first-person essays on travel,


March 1, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Here are the writers’ guidelines for Wend:

Want to write for us? If you Wend, here’s the way:

1) Wend is namely interested in first person accounts of adventure travel. About 70% of our stories are from North America, the others from across the globe.
2) We are also interested in well-researched historical accounts of adventurers past. Stories of environmental interest will also be considered. You will be fact checked. Wend maintains a high standard for journalistic ethics and accuracy.

“Matador is a hip, new, vibrant community for people interested in travel, music & art, writing & photography, sports, and positive global development. Best of all, it’s free!”

From Ross Borden: “Over the past four months hundreds of … people from over 30 countries, and from all walks of life, have converged on Matador for the Closed Beta. Many of them aren’t even traveling, but the advice they have shared about the places they know and love, have laid the foundation for a tremendous information resource made up of like-minded people in dozens of cities around the world. They are writers, photographers, filmmakers, NGO workers, musicians, explorers, and adventure athletes. These are the people who have kept the fire burning for us because they share our passion for travel and culture and we believe there are thousands more just like them.”

The Europe From a Backpack travel book series recently published Italy From a Backpack and Spain From a Backpack. Check out their books and blogs. They are not currently looking for stories, but you can sign up on their website to receive a notice when that changes.

The Toronto Globe & Mail publishes personal essays in their Facts & Arguments section and also has a Travel section. Here are their travel writers’ guidelines.


October 14, 2006 | Comments Off on Wend

Wend magazine is looking for writers. From Ian Marshall:

“Want to write for us? If you Wend, here’s the way:

1.) Wend is namely interested in first person accounts of adventure travel in the Pacific Northwest region. This includes Northern California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

2.) We are also interested in well researched historical accounts of adventurers past. Stories of environmental interest will also be considered. You will be fact checked. Wend maintains a high standard for journalistic ethics and accuracy.

Matador Travel

October 14, 2006 | Comments Off on Matador Travel

Matador is a new travel site with a fresh feel. You can read blogs and profiles there now, and eventually the site will include classified ads for tickets, jobs, gear, housing, and other travel- and arts/culture-related stuff. They aren’t paying writers, but hope to after the site becomes “sustainable.” Article categories include people, art/music, sport, location/travel environment, and NGOs working for positive change, especially those who need volunteers.

Go World

October 11, 2006 | Comments Off on Go World

Thanks to Toni Weingarten for the link to Go World, an online travel magazine. “Google recently named GoWorldTravel.com as one of seven globally-trusted travel contributors in their new Co-op destination guide technology. (Other trusted contributors named were Fodor’s, Frommer’s, National Geographic and Lonely Planet.)”

You can go here to download “Blogging for Dollars ‘ the New Technology and How to Make Money at It,’ the Powerpoint show managing editor Janna Graber presented at the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) conference in July, 2006, about current online publishing trends.

Private Label Rights Travel Articles

September 21, 2006 | Comments Off on Private Label Rights Travel Articles

I received this piece of unsolicited e-mail, which I’ll pass along without editorializing:


“Do you need new content/articles for your website or a story for your newspaper at rock bottom prices? If so, we can help you. We are Private Label Rights Travel Articles. I want the name “PLR Travel articles” to be synonymous in your mind with quality. More than synonymous–I want them to be one and the same. In fact, when you think “quality,” “reliability,” “versatility,” or “power,” I want you to think “PLR Travel articles”.

Ocean Magazine(s)

September 15, 2006 | Comments Off on Ocean Magazine(s)

From WritersMarket.com, 9/15/06: “Recently, the WritersMarket.com staff added two new listings with the same name–Ocean Magazine. While these magazines share a title, they share very little else:

OCEAN Magazine (from North Carolina) covers the ocean, its ecosystem, its creatures, recreation, pollution, energy sources and the love of it. This magazine pays $75-500 for nonfiction features of 75-5,000 words. This magazine also publishes ocean-related fiction and poetry. The editors say, “Submit with a genuine love and concern for the ocean and its creatures.”

Smithsonian magazine

September 14, 2006 | Comments Off on Smithsonian magazine

Smithonian magazine writers’ guidelines are here.


September 11, 2006 | Comments Off on Travelbum

Thanks to Terry Redding at Travelbum for providing a well-written site full of useful information for first-time travelers to Europe. Travelbum is adding articles (“written for travelers, by travelers”) about budget travel, so if you have an article you haven’t been able to sell, send it to Terry; you might get a good clip out of it.

Boots N All Blogs

July 9, 2006 | Comments Off on Boots N All Blogs



July 8, 2006 | Comments Off on Outpost

“Since its debut in March 1996, Outpost has defied the conventions that typify other travel magazines – steering away from the cozy and coddled to take a more adventurous and realistic look at the world and how people travel through it. In every issue of Outpost you get the good, the bad and the ugly about travel, told in an honest, sometimes irreverent voice.


July 8, 2006 | Comments Off on Plenty

Plenty “is a magazine for hip, savvy environmentally conscious consumers. PLENTY readers know that we live in a world of finite resources, that the planet is a fragile system in delicate balance, and that there are limits to how much we can extract from our surroundings without doing irreparable harm. PLENTY believes that the technologies are in place and the will exists to make a transition from a world of potential scarcity to a world of plenty.”


July 8, 2006 | Comments Off on Verge

Verge “is Canada’s magazine for people who travel with purpose. Each issue takes you around the world with people who are doing something different and making a difference doing it. This is Canada’s resource for those wanting to volunteer, work, study or adventure overseas.”

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