Phyllis Stoller extends an invitation to qualified journalists, bloggers who cover spas, and women’s lifestyle and budget travel writers for two press trips to the Ixtapan Spa Hotel and golf Resort in Mexico. Dates are October 18-22 or Nov 18-23, 2010.

“Ixtapan Spa Hotel and Golf Resort,, is located 65 miles SW of Mexico City and 35 miles from Toluca, Mexico in the mountain village of Ixtapan de la Sal. It is a 220-room spa and fitness resort known for value and inclusiveness. We have been featured in budget travel, spa, women’s lifestyle and fitness press.

From Jay Gifford, owner: “The Victorian Home Walk tour has been showing visitors our world-famous architecture for over ten years. We go where the tour buses are not allowed, into the best Victorian neighborhoods. The tour departs daily (year round) at 11 a.m. from Union Square (corner of Powell & Post streets) and no reservations are required (participants just show up). This is a “green” tour; we use public transportation and walking (no hills).

“We have a standard policy that any travel writer can take the tour for free any day; just give us your business card as payment and identify yourself at the beginning of the tour. Please let us know if you have any questions.”

Thanks to Bob Ecker for this excellent overview of press trip etiquette:

Most Travel Writers have experienced various forms of Press Trips throughout the years, but for new writers, or for those who haven’t joined on these trips recently, here are a few basic tips that can make Press Trip experience rewarding for both guests, and hosts.

Pre Trip:

* Reply, or RSVP to trip hosts on time. If the host asks for responses by the 15th, don’t reply back on the 17th and expect to be included. Trip hosts have many items to juggle, and the least writers can do is respond promptly with all information requested.

* Ask your trip host all kinds of questions about the trip that may coincide with your interests and/or outlets. Hosts are usually welcoming and value your ideas which may in turn lead to published copy. They can often arrange

Lynn Ferrin on Press Trips

February 8, 2004 | Comments Off on Lynn Ferrin on Press Trips

Thanks to Lynn Ferrin, long-time freelance travel writer who was a travel magazine editor for 37 years, for this in-depth discussion of press trips and other “perks” travel writers should think carefully about:

“You’re probably aware that subsidies and “freebies” are one of the thorniest issues in the travel writing profession.

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