Diabetes Emergency Cards

June 18, 2006 | Comments Off on Diabetes Emergency Cards

“In response to growing demand from customers with serious food allergies and other medical problems, SelectWisely now offers travel translation cards for medical emergencies and, in particular, diabetes emergencies. The new Diabetes Emergency card is used to communicate a serious diabetes condition, ask for a doctor or to be taken to a hospital. The card is a simple-to-use, easy-to-carry tool that travelers can keep in their pocket or wallet and use in the event of a medical emergency.


The new Diabetes Emergency card was developed for travelers visiting countries where they don’t speak the language. ‘Many people with serious medical conditions get nervous and fearful when traveling to a foreign country even if they have all their medical prescriptions and devices with them’ explains Jim Ahlberg, President of SelectWisely. ‘Our cards provide an additional level of assurance that they will be able to communicate a few basic sentences to explain their situation.

We offer translations in all the major world languages including Spanish, Chinese, German, French and Italian as well as less common ones such as Czech, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Nepali and others.’ A total of 24 languages and dialects are currently available for the Diabetes Emergency card from the SelectWisely web site.

Non-diabetes related emergencies

SelectWisely also offers a new general emergency card to be used by travelers with serious food allergies or others who want to ask for medical help or to be taken to a hospital. This is also available in 24 languages and dialects and can be ordered directly from the SelectWisely web site.

SelectWisely now offers travel translation cards:

‘ 15 standard languages. (French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, Russian, Polish, 2 forms of Chinese, 2 forms of Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Swedish and English)

‘ 40 different foods. (All the common allergy-producing foods such as nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk, shellfish, and eggs plus many less common ones such as strawberries, corn and soy.)

‘ 11 types of cards in the following categories:
Food allergies
Lactose Intolerance
Diabetes Emergency

About SelectWisely

Launched in 2004, SelectWisely offers individuals a simple, customized tool to communicate their food preferences and health related issues while traveling in foreign-speaking countries or dining in local restaurants. The SelectWisely web site allows customers with food allergies, restrictions or dietary sensitivities to create wallet-sized, laminated travel translation cards specific to their needs.

Contact Information:
Jim Ahlberg


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