LKEA-cover-mediumI’m [Laurie McAndish King, your still-humble editor] thrilled that the first blurbs are coming in for my collection of true travel stories, Lost Kidnapped, Eaten Alive. It’s my first book, and it you’ll all be invited to the launch party. In the meantime, here’s a peek:

“Whether she’s working to help save lemurs in Madagascar or communing with a one-legged toucan in Costa Rica, Laurie McAndish King brings uncommon heart and soul to her travel stories. And she’s always on the lookout for adventure, chasing an eclipse while on the Black Sea or trying to discern whether she’s being kidnapped or rescued in Tunisia. From start to finish, Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive is a rollicking ride.”

Michael Shapiro
Author, A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration


“Laurie McAndish King’s book is a traveler’s guide to the planet. Whether she is encountering Africa’s big cats or Madagascar’s lemurs, becoming one with the Australian rainforest, or learning about silkworm smuggling in Croatia, she transports readers to faraway places with vivid details of cultural quirks, real people, flora, fauna, and food.

“Watching her first total solar eclipse in the Black Sea, “waisting” away on Italian cuisine, getting kidnapped in Tunisia, or questing for the French woman’s je ne sais quoi, Laurie makes sure her readers connect deeply with her adventures and misadventures.”

Camille Cusumano
Author, Tango, an Argentine Love Story


“When it comes to adventure travel, Laurie McAndish King is a gourmand who leaves nothing off the table. Sometimes the diner—Italian horse steak, Balinese luwak-ingested coffee beans—sometimes the dinner—think hungry lions, crazed mosquitoes, leeches—she serves up a delicious feast for the curious mind.

“With insight, determination and a ready wit, she takes you with her to hidden worlds of women—an erotic Celtic goddess, a pricey French underwear boutique, Croatian women who hide silkworm eggs in their bras—and survives close encounters as Tunisian men try to kidnap her, and a Kenyan Maasai initiates a sudden wedding.

“Along with excitement Laurie slows to offer moving meditations, reflecting on nature, death, and travels with her father. And just when you think she’s surely ready for the easy chair and a nice travel book, she serves up another delicious tale con gusto.

Joanna Biggar
Author, That Paris Year
Member, The Society of Women Geographers

And let this post be a reminder to us all of yet another good reason to be part of a long-term writers’ group. Michael, Camille, and I wrote and read and critiqued together for several years (several years ago) when we were all part of a group called “The Itinerants.” And Joanna has edited quite a few of my stories after we’ve adventured with Wanderland Writers. We’ve shared intimate stories and worried together over less-than-stellar leads, discussed fine points of grammar and snarled story lines. They were all kind enough to take time to read and blurb my book, and I’m grateful they are my friends and colleagues.


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