Saving Vatika Bay

December 3, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Connie Burke and Barbara Euser are attempting to protect the underwater archeological site of Pavlopetri and the ecosystem of Vatika Bay in Greece. In an effort to bring the situation to the attention of readers, they’ve decided to publish an anthology of essays with the working title Saving Vatika Bay. The call for submissions is below.

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Call for submissions:

Saving Vatika Bay (working title) will be a collection of essays on topics aimed at educating readers about the unique characteristics of Vatika Bay, Lakonia, Greece, and the surrounding area. This is a public interest book. That is, Vatika Bay is under siege from pollution and damage to the seabed and destruction of posidonia meadows, caused by large commercial vessels allowed to anchor there. With this book we hope to draw attention to the plight of this beautiful bay and inspire readers to help us in our efforts to save Vatika Bay. Authors will receive two copies of the book, but we are not able to pay for essays. Authors will retain the copyright of their work. We are asking only for first publication rights for paperback and kindle editions.

Topics will include protected and endangered flora and fauna in the marine environment and shoreline ecosystem as well as the local cultural heritage. Pavlopetri, the oldest underwater city in the world, dates from Minoan times. The Romans ran a saltworks in the flats adjacent to Vatika Bay, flooding the area with salt water from the Bay, then allowing it to evaporate. A fortress dating from the 1100s overlooks the Bay. Byzantine-era churches dot the hillsides throughout the area. Vatika Bay is also rich in mythological lore: Kythira is the reputed birthplace of Aphrodite; the Cyclops is supposed to have lived in the caves on Elafonisos; the Pyramid near Aghio Georgios is known as the grave marker of a general who fought at Troy; and Cape Maleas is where Odysseus was blown off course for ten years.

Today, the long white coastal beaches of Vatika Bay are protected habitats for sea turtles and monk seals. Stroggili Lake is a Natura 2000 site, a sanctuary for migratory birds. Good stories raise eyebrows, alerting the populace of the dangers posed to Vatika Bay if commercial vessels continue to anchor in its crystalline waters.

Maximum word length: 1,800 words. If you need more, contact us to discuss. No more than two essays by one author will be accepted. This will be an English-language book. Essays by Greek and non-Greek authors may be accepted, provided they are translated into formal English.

Deadline for submissions: July 1, 2016
Publication date: January 2017

Please send a query letter  to Connie Burke at or Barbara Euser at before making a submission.



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