Why the Number 7 is a Source of Good Luck (2024)

Ever wonder where the idea of the number seven being lucky came from? More likely than not, the idea of good luck associated with seven comes from the use of the number seven in the Bible.

Both Christian and Jewish traditions have used numbers to interpret the Bible. The interpretation of scriptures by using numbers is known as "gematria," a Greek word meaning "calculations." Many cultural traditions of interpretation or good luck, such as the number 7 in the Bible, come from the practice of gematria.

Gematria inJewish and Christian Mysticism

Gematria is a mystical method of interpreting sacred manuscripts, based on the identification of secret codes built into the texts using a pre-set system of assignments of a specific number to each letter of the alphabet. Talmudic scholars calculated the numerical sums of words in order to associate them analytically with other words and phrases of equal value—in Jewish mysticism, there were four different methods used to calculate the numbers, four itself an important number. Found in ancient Babylonian texts, and used in Talmudic times to interpret the Hebrew scripture, gematria was used by medieval mystics such as the German Pietist and the Kabbalists, appealing to their interest in occult revelation.

The very first example of gematria that occurs in the Torah is that there are precisely seven words in the first verse of Genesis, a reference to the seven days of creation.


The most famous gematria example in the Torah is in Genesis 14:14, in which the patriarch Abraham is said to have taken 318 retainers with him to rescue his nephew Lot from an army of marauding kings. Talmudic scholars believe the number doesn't mean 318 people but rather refers to one man: Abraham's servant Eliezer. Eliezer's name means "My God is a help," and the calculated numerical value of Eliezer according to gematria is 318.

Gematria is found in the Christian New Testament as well: the number of fish caught by the disciples in John 21:11 is said to have been 153. The number 153 is a reference to the numerical code for "the children of God" in Hebrew.

Some Numbers and Their Meanings

The following glossary of some examples of the meaning of the number 7 in the Bible and other numbers are based on The Encyclopedia of Jewish Mysticism, Myth and Magic by Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis.

  • 1: The number one means divine unity, as shown by God.
  • 3: Three means completeness and stability, as shown in several examples such as the Three Patriarchs recognized by Judaism: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in Christianity, the three Magi.
  • 4: The number four recurs in many Jewish practices based on historical traditions, such as the Passover Seder, which is built around fours: Four Questions, Four Sons and four cups of wine. Four also refers to the biblical name of God, Yahweh, which is written in four letters YHWH, known as the Tetragrammaton.
  • 5: Five is the number of protection, as symbolized by the chamsa, a talisman or charm in the shape of a hand.
  • 7: The number seven in the Bible is considered one of the most powerful and lucky numbers in scripture, according to the practice of gematria. Seven refers to the Creation of the world, accomplished by God in seven days according to Genesis. The Hebrew word for "luck," gad, equals seven in gematria.
  • 8: Eight represents completion, such as the eight-day festival of Chanukah; in Christian mysticism, eight refers to the day of resurrection.
  • 10: Ten is considered another major symbol of power and good fortune, based on the Ten Commandments.
  • 12: Twelve is thought to symbolize wholeness and the completion of God's purpose. There are 12 tribes of Israel, descended from the 12 sons of Jacob, as well as 12 months in a year.
  • 24: The number 24 represents abundance in gematria. Its meaning is linked to the heyday of Jerusalem as a city when it was said to have had 24 main roads, 24 side-streets, and 24 alleys leading to 24 houses.
  • 40: The number 40 represents a time of radical transformation, such as the 40 days of the Great Flood in Genesis 7, or the 40 days spent wandering in the wilderness.
  • 70: The number 70 symbolizes the world as represented by the 70 nations, each with its own princely angel, in Jewish mystical imagination.

Lastly, in gematria, odd numbers such as the number 7 in the Bible are considered lucky, while even numbers, in particular pairs, are thought to bring misfortune.


Why the Number 7 is a Source of Good Luck (2024)


Why is number 7 good luck? ›

In numerology, the number 7 represents a quest for knowledge, and it is significant in practically every major religion – consider the Christian bible seven days of creation and eastern faiths' seven main chakras. It's also associated with better fortune, as proven by the slot machine jackpots of 777.

Why is 7 such an important number? ›

The number seven has numerous meanings in Judaism and Christianity and is noted frequently in the Bible. Seven is also an important number of spiritual significance in Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In the Old Testament, God had created the world in six days while resting on the seventh day.

Why is the number 7 God's number? ›

Seven was symbolic in ancient near eastern and Israelite culture and literature. It communicated a sense of “fullness” or “completeness” (שבע “seven” is spelled with the same consonants as the word שבע “complete/full”). This makes sense of the pervasive appearance of “seven” patterns in the Bible.

Why is the number 7 considered magical? ›

The number seven represents the pure spirit and the great explorer. Seven is a “perfect number”, an emblem of the totality of space, time and the movements of the universe. As well as change and evolution. It is also the number of completed cycles.

Why is 7 the perfect number? ›

In Scripture, seven often symbolizes completion or perfection. Genesis tells us that God created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and, upon completion, God rested on the seventh day (Genesis 1; 2:1-2). Numbers in Biblical times were often symbolic of a deeper meaning and siginifcance.

Is 7 lucky in the Bible? ›

7: The number seven in the Bible is considered one of the most powerful and lucky numbers in scripture, according to the practice of gematria. Seven refers to the Creation of the world, accomplished by God in seven days according to Genesis. The Hebrew word for "luck," gad, equals seven in gematria.

Why is No. 7 so special? ›

Classical antiquity

The Pythagoreans invested particular numbers with unique spiritual properties. The number seven was considered to be particularly interesting because it consisted of the union of the physical (number 4) with the spiritual (number 3). In Pythagorean numerology the number 7 means spirituality.

Is 7 the number of the holy spirit? ›

In Zechariah and Revelation, the number seven represents completion and wholeness; so the seven or sevenfold spirit in Revelation could be a symbolic description of the Holy Spirit.

What number is God's number in the Bible? ›

The number 'seven' is widely used throughout Revelation, including in reference to the seven churches, seven bowls, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, Seven Spirits of God, seven stars, seven lampstands, seven eyes and horns of the Lamb of God, seven heads and diadems of the dragon, and seven heads of the ...

What God said about 7? ›

In biblical numerology, 7 symbolizes completion or perfection. It is said that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Additionally, there are seven churches in the Book of Revelation, seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls.

What is God's phone number? ›

So what do we do when struggling? Dial up God's phone number – Jer-333 (Jeremiah 33:3), “Call to me and I will answer…”

What is the spiritual meaning of the seven stars? ›

In Revelation 1:20 the 7 stars are the "angels" of the 7 churches to whom he is writing. The word "angel" in the New Testament simply means "messenger". It can denote a divine messenger, which is what we usually think the term "angel" means, but it can also refer to a human messenger.

Why is the number 7 lucky? ›

Lucky number 7 is even the basis for many myths and folklore. Ancient beliefs from around the world believed that the seventh son of the seventh son would be gifted with magical powers (both good and evil). In the Bible, scholars claim that God created the world in six days and used the seventh day to rest.

What is the power of 7 numbers? ›

Power of 7ResultLast two digits
4 more rows

Why is 7 a unique number? ›

Seven is the only number below ten that you cannot be multiplied or divided and still be a whole number under 10: The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be doubled and always between 1 – 10. 6, 8 and 10 can all be halved.

Why do people always pick 7? ›

According to them, the explanation of this strange phenomenon is that when asked to make a random choice, 1 and 10 gets the least preference since they are the endpoints and so, they don't seem to be random to the one making the choice. 5 gets cancelled next as it lies exactly midway between the endpoints.

What is the luckiest number in the Bible? ›

Seven. Can be used to signify "perfection" or "completeness". It may have been inspired from the fact that the primary lunar phases are roughly 7 days (7.4) each. Examples include the seven days of creation and so seven days that make up a week, and the seven lamps on the Temple Menorah.

What is the very luckiest number? ›

What are the luckiest numbers? According to superstition, the five luckiest numbers are 3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 21 and 77. However, these numbers may not be considered lucky by all cultures.

What does 777 mean? ›

The angel number 777 is linked to self-discovery and personal growth. Unlike other numbers like 222, which focus more on relationships, 777 urges you to take time for yourself and embrace solitude.

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